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Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics ("MUMA")

Insights about where, when, and how people move around your city

Origin-Destination Visualizer

The world’s leading urban mobility analytics tool combines multiple data sources, including anonymized aggregated data from Moovit users, with advanced algorithms to provide detailed insights into the way people move around cities.

How it works

Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics


Granular and comparative studies, via diverse movement analytics:

  • Origin-destination matrices
  • Zone analysis
  • Trip analysis

Detailed insights about the study area, per day/hour/transit mode:

  • Relative share
  • Average trip time
  • Modal split / Transit details

Learning through results visualization and data:

  • Quick, flexible visual comparisons
  • Before/after and side-by-side/comparison charts
  • Based on anonymized, aggregated data


  • Significantly more reliable data than traditional surveys
  • Faster analysis (complete study within minutes/hours)
  • Granular insights, per selected transit mode
  • Rich visualization

Reports Manager

Using advanced Big Data algorithms, Moovit provides comprehensive and detailed analytics of travel patterns to and from specific regions, on a specific line, or at a specific station.

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