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Transport On-Demand

Leverage the power of big data analytics for
the industry’s smartest, most accurate and
efficient on-demand service
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Insights from 6 Billion data points a day

Powered by Moovit Urban Mobility Analytics (MUMA), which delivers strategic insights from
4 billion data points collected every day from hundreds of millions of Moovit app users, for unprecedented
planning accuracy.

Clarity and ease for everyone

Riders get to search, choose, and pay for any on-demand provider, through one simple interface.

Transit operators get unprecedented command and control.​

Ready to scale whenever you are

Implement as a stand-alone solution, and scale to benefit

from the full scope of
Moovit’s world-leading
MaaS platform,
whenever you’re ready.

Moovit Keeps It Moving

Moovit is proud to introduce the power of big data analytics to on-demand transit services that equally benefit riders, Transit operators, and cities:

Riders benefit from convenient and seamless transit experiences, including both real-time and near real-time on-demand services

Transit Operators can plan and manage their fleet with unmatched accuracy and cost efficiency

Cities can introduce an innovative service to commuters,
leverage dynamic route planning for near real-time on-demand, increase ridership, reduce traffic congestion and solve first-mile/last-mile challenges

App-ward Mobility

Connecting riders, drivers, and Transit operations control centre in real-time
for effective and convenient on-demand transit experiences

Rider App

  • Multi-modal trip planning
  • Real-time arrivals info
  • Seat reservations
  • Mobile payments

Driver App

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time issue reporting
  • Pickup confirmations

Transit Operations Control Center

  • Web-based dashboard
  • Real-time scheduling, dispatching, monitoring and updating
  • Route planning

Living Up to the Demand

Cities can also:

  • Extend existing transit networks
  • Connect underserved metro areas
  • Optimize micro transit

Transit operations can also:

  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Minimize detouring
  • Dispatch based on real-time demand

The Growing Demand for On-Demand

For cities and transit operators, offering effective options for convenient on-demand transit experiences can be challenging.

Without real-time and historical data about traffic and passenger activities, it can seem impossible to plan and dispatch accurate and efficient transit services.

What urban mobility and demand-responsive transport need today is a lot of data, very sophisticated analytics, and – of course – very smart apps for riders, drivers, and operators.

This is where Moovit comes in.

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