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The most accurate real-time vehicle location system

Earn your riders’ trust and loyalty by providing them the most
accurate real-time public transit information delivered right to their smart phone

Introducing Moovit’s Real-Time Vehicle Location System

  • After surveying millions of users, we found that reliable and accurate transit times is the most important factor to increasing customer satisfaction and ridership.
  • Not only does it keep passengers happy, but real-time location services solves operational efficiency problems and keeps urban transit flowing.
  • We know that agencies want to deliver real-time location services , but cannot afford to purchase and manage expensive and hard-to-deploy systems.
  • So we built a plug-and-play solution that delivers reliable real-time schedules to passengers, while also providing a real-time operations dashboard for administrators.

Market solution

  • The most accurate vehicle location positioning available
  • Deploy a scalable, market-proven solution, in just a few weeks
  • Cloud-based software system with no customized or expensive hardware required. Works on any Android device.
  • Share real-time data and updates to any third party app (web, mobile or text) via standard APIs
  • Moovit brings the customers to you, no need to market your own transit app. Real-time ETA will automatically display in Moovit

Real-time fleet management

  • Gain real-time visibility of vehicle location
  • Dashboard with operational data and analytics
  • Identify speeding and other poor driving habits to improve safety and reduce fuel costs
  • One-to-one messaging with drivers
  • Instant reporting of crowded vehicles, technical malfunctions, traffic delays, emergencies and more

Successful Implementations Around the World

“TimePro is improving the public transport rider experience in Ciudad Real by enabling real-time capabilities for bus services in the city. Thanks to TimePro, riders know exactly when the bus will arrive and minimize their waiting time at the bus stops — particularly helpful during uncomfortable weather conditions. TimePro provides passengers an improved quality of service and the sense of control.”


Santiago Sanchez, CEO

Mobility Services for the City of Ciudad Real


“We’re using Moovit TimePro because its fleet monitoring system is less cumbersome than other systems we’ve used in the past, both in terms of equipment required on board the bus, and in terms of the financial investment. We expect an improvement in the quality of real-time information provided to users, as well as improvements with regards to effectiveness and efficiency.”


Bus Italia Campania

Antonio Barbarino, CEO

“We started using Moovit’s Real-Time Vehicle Location System on Corridor 2 buses in January 2017.

Through Moovit’s dashboard we have a better way to monitor and manage our buses and operations. This makes our work much easier. When a bus stalls, we can see its position by looking at the dashboard. When a bus goes off a route, we know where it is. Moovit helps improve communication between central operations and drivers. Overall, our information is so much more complete. Thank you Moovit!”



Batik Solo Trans

Surakarta, Indonesia

System Components

Driver mobile app

  • Scheduled Trips
  • Live map tracking
  • Runs on any Android

Web based dashboard for city/agency

  • Live map tracking fleet location
  • Delayed / early reports
  • Planned vs. actual schedules
  • One-to-One messaging with drivers
  • Advanced analytics

Passenger information

Real-time vehicle location and ETAs displayed in:

  • Moovit
  • Any transit app
  • Website
  • Digital Signage at stops

Interface to any 3rd party app

Open for any mobile or web app via the standard GTFS RT protocol or standard API

Basic Flow
Driver logs to Moovit Driver app & vehicle location are constantly transmitted to Moovit’s servers
Agency dashboard displays all running vehicles
Passengers enjoy Real-Time arrivals in Moovit and other transit web/mobile apps

Quick & Easy Deployment

For your Fleet Vehicles

Lightweight driver application that runs on any Android device

For your Operation Center

Rich agency dashboard that runs on any web browser with:

  • Live map of bus tracking
    Enhanced filtering (Late, On Time, etc.)
  • Planned vs. actual schedule
  • One-to-One messaging with drivers via push messages sent to driver app
  • Advanced analytics
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